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BNI Team Sydney South West and Central Coast - Hunter

There are BNI Sydney South West chapters in the communities of the Sydney Southwest. Our Mission is to help businesses achieve success through a word-of-mouth program and other business network solutions.  This allows our members to develop long-term relationships, find new contacts and uncover new opportunities in the region.

There are currently 5 BNI Sydney Southwest chapters. There are BNI Sydney Southwest chapters in the communities of Camden, Campbelltown and Liverpool.

But of course, it doesn’t end there. We are building more chapters regularly.

Regional Chapter Map. Click here to see the BNI Sydney Southwest regional meeting map.

Chapter Directory. Select the name of any chapter in the Sydney Southwest for more information about its members and meeting location. Click here to search for a specific BNI Sydney Southwest chapter. 

Chapters City Area Meeting Day Meeting Time
BNI Growth Camden Camden-Campbelltown Wednesday 7:00 AM
BNI Morningstar Campbelltown Camden-Campbelltown Thursday 7:00 AM
BNI Opportunity Milperra Bankstown - Chipping Norton Tuesday 7:30 AM
BNI Power Smeaton Grange Camden-Campbelltown Thursday 7:00 AM
BNI Spirit Lansvale Bankstown - Chipping Norton Wednesday 7:00 AM

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